County Council welcome latest funding boost for social care

News in Sussex
News in Sussex

Lincolnshire County Council has welcomed the Government’s decision to boost funding for social care by £240million nationally.

Senior councillors and directors at Lincolnshire County Council say that more needs to be done to sustain services.

Councillor Patricia Bradwell, executive member for adult care, said: “Whilst this additional funding is very welcome along with the recognition more money for adult social care is necessary, this is a temporary measure for social care.

“We urge the Government to publish a long term sustainable funding plan, and we eagerly await the publication of it’s green paper on adult social care.”

Glen Garrod, executive director for adult care and community health and wellbeing at LCC said: “For us in Lincolnshire this will mean an additional and much needed £3.3m to balance the extra funding for winter announced for the NHS last month.

“LCC attaches great importance to ensuring people can leave hospital as soon as is safe.

“We would also want to use this opportunity to refocus some attention on what is happening at the front-door of the hospital to see what can be done, working with our health colleagues, to ensure people are not going to hospital due to a lack of support in the community.

Melanie Weatherley, Chair of Lincolnshire Care Association, added: “We are looking forward to working with our colleagues at LCC to help people leave hospital as soon as they are ready.

“We do, however, feel this short-term emergency change is not enough and we need a long-term solution to the shortfall in social care funding”.