Councillors will hold talks over town parking charges

The Wong in Horncastle - one of the car parks at the centre of complaints
The Wong in Horncastle - one of the car parks at the centre of complaints

Horncastle’s three district councillors will holds talks with council officials on Friday in a bid to find a solution to the thorny issue of car parking charges in the town.

There have been claims controversial increases in parking charges - brought in by the district council last year - are stopping people from visiting Horncastle.

That, in turn, has had a detrimental effect on trade with several shops having closed.

There are also concerns that “over-zealous” traffic wardens - enforcing regulations - are adding to the problem.

Now, councillors Richard Avison, Fiona Martin and Sandra Campbell-Wardman will meet parking officers at Manby on Friday.

Coun Avison confirmed the meeting would take place but warned against any ‘quick fix’ solutions.

He stressed the meeting was the first part of a lengthy process with no guarantee of any changes to the current system.

Coun Avison said: “It (car parking) is obviously a very emotive issue, right across the country.

“We are obviously going to try and do our very best for Horncastle, but the meeting is just the start of the process.

“We can’t expect the council to suddenly jump and make all sorts of changes - just because we’ve asked them to.

“They might just tell us to clear off, but at least we are trying to help.”

Coun Avison said he was aware of the controversy parking charges had created in Horncastle.

However, he stressed it was a district-wide issue and pointed out that it was incorrect to suggest charges were the only reason for any economic problems.

The meeting comes as sources suggest ELDC is under pressure to re-examine charges at coastal car parks.