Councillors say no to BT phone kiosk offer


It’s not just parish councillors in Woodhall Spa who don’t want the responsibility of running a village phone kiosk.

Their counterparts on the Asterby, Goulceby and Ranby Parish Council have followed a similar route.

The village phone kiosk will be removed by BT as part of a county-wide scheme.

BT offered the council the chance to take it over for £1 - as part of the village heritage.

However, councillors noted the phone - in Goulceby - had been used just twice in the previous 12 months and agreed to take no action.

They also mentioned the fact a red BT kiosk had been removed some years earlier when BT considered it was dangerous.

Village name signs will be on the agenda for a future amenity project and the possibility of a memorial for two men killed in World War One is to be investigated.

Coun Janet Croft and the clerk attended a site meeting at Asterby End with Doug Girling (Highways Officer) who had no objections to the proposal to install ‘wrap around’ seating as it would be set well back on the grass island and would not restrict visibility on the corner.

Quotes are to be obtained for the next meeting with a view to securing funding to add to the £500 Big Society grant already received.
The notice board at Ranby is to be retained by the Ranby Parish meeting.