Councillor steps up efforts to clear ‘parking pensioner’

George Chester displays his parking ticket
George Chester displays his parking ticket

A former Mayor of Horncastle and serving district councillor has joined the fight to clear a local pensioner in a battle over a parking ticket.

The News revealed last week that 94-year-old war hero George Chester would rather go to jail than pay a £35 parking fine imposed by Boston Borough Council.

Now, Mr Chester has been backed by Councillor Fiona Martin.

She has supported Mr Chester’s claim that he wasn’t in Boston at the time of the offence and has pleaded with the council to consider what will be his third appeal.

Coun Martin says Mr Chester does not dispute photographic evidence, but is adamant the time the ticket was issued - 12.54 - is wrong.

In her letter to the council, Coun Martin said: “Mr Chester assisted his elderly neighbour down to the bus stop in Horncastle so that she could catch the 12.30 bus to Boston via Coningsby.

“This was the first leg of a very long journey to visit relatives.

“When the bus had not arrived at 12.40, they realised that she would not catch the connection at Coningsby and so would miss her bus at Boston to Spalding.

“Mr Chester fetched his car and drove her to Boston so that she would not miss her bus.

“Her ticket for this bus was issued at 13.54.

“While Mr Chester is not disputing your photo is of himself and his vehicle, he is contesting the time on your Penalty Charge Notice which states “Time of Contravention: 12.53”.

“This is erroneous as Mr Chester was only just collecting his car in Horncastle.

“As Mr Chester is well known locally I am sure that there will be witnesses who can vouch for having seen him in Horncastle just before 12.53.”