Councillor says he’ll help fight speeding issues

Is the speed of traffic a problem on Boston Road?
Is the speed of traffic a problem on Boston Road?

Horncastle’s county councillor Bill Aron has pledged to help residents who have raised concerns about speeding traffic on Boston Road.

The road is widely recognised as one of the town’s speeding ‘hot-spots’ and has promoted on-going complaints from people living in the area.

One resident - G. Loveley - wrote to the News last week claiming vehicles were breaking the speed limit, prompting fears about a serious accident, especially in the vicinity of the entrance to Banovallum School.

The letter accused councillors of “not being interested in what matters” and said complaints were falling on deaf ears.

It also alleged drivers were often seen on mobile phones.

The letter described plans to introduce a mobile speed sign on Boston Road as “a quick fix” and in the “wrong place.”

However, County Councillor Bill Aron has contacted Mr Loveley, offering his help.

Coun Aron told the News: “I was hoping that Mr Loveley would have contacted me directly or at least through the Town Council or Lincolnshire County Council.

“I would have been able to see how best I might help to alleviate any concerns regarding speeding traffic on Boston Road.”

Coun Aron has offered to arrange a site meeting to discuss how to tackle the problem, with the help of police and the County Council’s Highways department.

PCSO Nigel Wass said the force’s mobile speed camera regularly visited Boston Road. He defended the use of portable speed signs and said they had helped reduce speed.