Councillor pleads - ‘Listen to the people’

Coun Brian Burbidge takes charge at a planning meeting EMN-160215-131017001
Coun Brian Burbidge takes charge at a planning meeting EMN-160215-131017001

Planners at East East Lindsey District Council have been urged to ‘start listening to local people’ amid mounting concerns about the over-development of Horncastle.

The plea came from Brian Burbidge, chairman of the town’s council’s planning committee.

He was speaking after addressing ELDC’s planning commmitee last Thursday about an application for up to 90 new homes at a site off Banovallum Gardens.

The application - opposed by residents and the town council - was deferred for a seco nd time.

Committee members took the decision to allow Lincolnshire County Council to prepare a comprehensive traffic management 

Coun Burbidge said it appeared a whole raft of other concerns - including the risk of flooding and the impact on health and education services - had been ‘brushed 

Residents attended the meeting and handed in a petition signed by more than 100 people.

Tbere were more than 30 letters of objection and the town council also sent in a letter outlining its concerns .

Coun Burbidge, who addressed the planning committee, said: “There are obviously a lot of issues about this and 
other major developments in the town.

“It’s not about ‘nimbyism’. People have genuine concerns - major concerns.

“As a town council, we share those concerns.

“With regard to this development, a planning officer recommended approval .

“They (the planners) really need to start listening to local people.

“As a council, we spend a lot of time putting our case and sometimes, you wonder why you bother.

“Some planning committee members listen but others seem retiscent to reject anything.”

The town council 
letter highlighted a 
number of issues, including traffic.

It also raised concerns about medical services, stating three doctors were currently responsible for 9,000 patients at the town’s only surgery.

Coun Burbidge said it was a ‘recognised fact’ that despite an intensive recrutiment campaign, it was difficult to attract new doctors.

At the planning meeting, motions to either reject or approve the develoopment were defeted. Coun Burbidge stressed the decision 
to defer the application was soley regarding traffic matters.

Coun Burbidge said: “I appreciate the deferment means everything is up in the air and I feel for the residents who aren’t happy.

“We (the town council) will continue to fight for the 

The council has previously seen its objections regarding other major housing development fail to sway planners.