Councillor hits back in Bardney ‘tax’ row


A Bardney parish councillor has hit back at suggestions that they are responsible for any increase in council tax bills in the village.

Kevin Hippey said claims made by two ex-parish councillors in letters published by the Horncastle News were “ridiculous.”

Coun Hippey stressed the actual precept figure for Bardney and surrounding villages had not increased this year.

He accepted bills would go up but pointed the finger of blame at West Lindsey District Council.

Coun Hippey said the district council had recently moved a number of families into Bardney who were on benefits.

Coun Hippey claimed that as a result, overall council tax income generated by properties in the village had fallen, leading to an increase.

He went on to question whether Bardney was the appropriate location for families on benefits because there were “no jobs” locally and very little public transport to link the village with towns and cities.

Coun Hippey added he was “sick and tired” of ex-councillors who kept “sticking the knife in” and added: “The actual precept is lower than when they were on the parish council.”