Council wants to know why defibrillator went missing

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Horncastle Town Council is still demanding answers regarding the now infamous ‘defibrillator saga’.

As reported in the News, the council paid for a defibrillator to be installed in a secure cabinet in the Market Place.

However, the vital life saving apparatus went missing last month amid conflicting claims it had either been stolen, or misplaced by medical personnel.

Since then, a member of the public handed the missing defib’ into LIVES whose headquarters are on Boston Road Industrial Estate.

The person wants to remain anonymous and no further details about how they came to be in possession of the equipment have been revealed.

However, town clerk Gillian Mauger said the council was keen to discover what had happened to the defib’ in the four weeks between the time it first went missing - and when it was handed into LIVES.

She also said councillors were concerned how the person had gained access to the secure cabinet.

Mrs Mauger said she had contacted EMAS but was still waiting for an answer.

She said: “We provided the money for the defibrillator and, while we are very happy that it has been returned, there are a number of questions that need to be answered.”

Mrs Mauger said councillors wanted to know whether a code to access the cabinet was given in a genuine medical emergency or whether the cabinet was, for some reason, unlocked.

She added: “Perhaps the procedure for accessing the cabinets needs to be looked at and made clearer.”