Council steps in to help solve mystery of missing plaque


They are often asked to help with appeals for missing dogs and cats.

Now, East Lindsey District Council is investigating the disappearance of something slightly more unusual in Horncastle... a blue plaque.

The plaques are often displayed on walls of buildings, highlighting any historical significance in a particular location.

However, a plaque outside the recently opened Costa Coffee outlet in the Market Place has disappeared.

In a tweet, Horncastle History and Heritage Society has asked what has happened to the plaque.

They say it was put up by the Society and was part of a town trail around a conservation area.

They add the plaque was included in planning documents relating to the conversion of the building from a hardware store to a Costa outlet.

The matter was discussed by members of the Horncastle Together group who reported it to ELDC.

In a tweet, ELDC say they have handed the disappearance on to their planning enforcement department.