Council concern over library proposals

Horncastle Library
Horncastle Library

A number of Horncastle Town Councillors have expressed concerns ahead of Lincolnshire County Councils library consultation.

LCC is proposing to cut the number of hours Horncastle Library will be open and to also close Coningsby and Wragby libraries.

Councillor Ann Wayne felt that LCC were not conducting a proper consultation.

“This isn’t a consultation, they are just telling us what they are going to do.

“To do this is very short sighted and stupid.

“I would be against any hours being cut down.”

In documents available on the council website it states that Horncastle Library would have its hours cut by 15 per week leaving it open for 25 hours.

Proposals categorise Horncastle Library as a ‘Tier 2’ site and will be open 25 hours less than ‘Tier 1’ sites such as Louth and Skegness.

Council Chairman Fiona Martin said: “Horncastle Library serves lots of smaller villages in the area such as Thimbleby, Hemingby and Hagworthingham.

“And what will the residents of Alford and Spilsby do when their services are reduced?”

Coun Richard Barker added: “I completed the survey, but it doesn’t give much opportunity to express concerns.

“I think East Lindsey District Council hold the key to this.

“The library is also a Community Access Point.

“Lets hope it is a proper consultation that takes place.

“This is also an ideal opportunity for volunteers to come forward and help with the library.”

County Councillor Bill Aron said: “Although LCC have proposed the changes we need to sit down and come up with the best solution for Horncastle and put that forward.

“Louth Library will be ‘Tier 1’ because that is seen as a hub.

“But I also believe that Horncastle Library is a hub.”

To take part in the consultation visit the council website: