Coningsby council set to cut tax bills


Coningsby Town Council could reduce its share of council tax bills in 2015.

The announcement - made at a meeting last Thursday - comes despite the Town Council receiving a 32 per cent cut in annual grant funding from East Lindsey District Council.

Councillors say they have managed not to increase the precept, the amount of money they need to cover expenditure.

The reasons include the number of new homes being built in Coningsby - and a review of charges regarding RAF accommodation.

The ‘extra’ funding created should lead to the reduction.

Town clerk Kathy Roberts said: “We are pleased to announce that if all the calculations are correct that council have been fed from ELDC are correct, it should show a slight reduction in the Town Council element of the council tax bill.

“This is not an easy time for any of the tiers of local Government with the grants being reduced year on year.”

Horncastle Town Council has voted not to increase its share of bills and Woodhall Spa Parish Council - one of the largest in the county - is set to follow suit.

However, most Council Tax bills will increase because of rises imposed by the County Council, District Council and Lincolnshire‘s Police Authority.