Complaints about condition of Horncastle’s toilets get the brush off!

Horncastle's public toilets
Horncastle's public toilets

East Lindsey District has hit back at criticism of the condition of Horncastle’s public toilets and insisted they are not going down the pan.

Several residents have contacted the News in recent days to complain about the state of the toilets in St Lawrence Street.

They have been supported by market trader Alan Grant who described the condition as “disgusting.”

Mr Grant questioned how often the toilets were cleaned.

He said the condition of the 24-hour toilet was particularly bad first thing in the morning - and late in the afternoon.

Mr Grant submitted an official complaint to ELDC on July 24.

He said: “The toilets are often in a disgusting state and it’s not very pleasant using them.

“I don’t know how often they are cleaned but the council could do more.

“Sometimes, you are having to wade through puddles of urine on the floor.

“The toilets stink and as taxpayers we deserve better.”

Anne Duncan, from Horncastle, said she tried to avoid using the toilets.

She added: “They can be in a terrible state and people ought to take more care when they are using them.

“I’m not so sure the council is to blame, but they let Horncastle down.”

oe Fawcett, of Horncasdtle, said he often saw groups of youths congregating outside the toilet at night.

“They are in and out of the 24-hour toilet. I’m sure they are up to no good.”

A spokesman for ELDC confirmed they had received a complaint.

He added: “The toilets are cleaned on a daily basis prior to opening and we leave them clean and tidy.

“If we do receive reports of them being untidy during the day, we will always try to resolve the issue.