Chicken plan set to create a stink

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General News.

The feathers are flying in a village near Woodhall Spa over plans to increase capacity at a chicken farm to more than 300,000 birds.

Planners at East Lindsey District Council will decide on an application today, Thursday January 16, by Mapleton Farm, Moor Lane, Horsington.

The farm wants to increase the number of chickens from the current limit of 200,000 to 306,000.

ELDC planning officer Andy Allen is recommending the application should
 be approved - with 

However, if members of the council’s planning committee back the recommendation, they would be flying in the face of objections from more than 30 local residents.

In letters sent to ELDC, residents raise complaints about an increase in smells and traffic on already busy roads.

Several residents say they are concerned about a 50 per cent increase in capacity - and proposals which would cut the current life-span of the chickens.

One objector claims the views of residents are ‘being totally disregarded’ following an initial decision to allow no more than 200,000 chickens to be housed at the farm.

Another campaigner describes the farm as ‘ill concealed’ and an ‘eyesore’ and says there is already a ‘terrible stink.’

Another objector claims the development would add to traffic problems on Moor Lane, which is regularly is used by school children.

The Environment Agency says it has no objection to the expansion.

However, it points out operators of the farm 
are responsible for 
controlling or minimising any emissions.

They admit communities near to the site could be exposed to odours, noise, dust and flies.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Department says it does not believe the proposals will have a detrimental effect to safety or the capacity of local roads.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s agenda also features an application for a new pig finishing unit at Church House Farm, Station Road, Tumby Woodside.

Again, the application has attracted objections from a number of residents living close to the proposed development.

Many residents say they are concerned about the smell from slurry produced by the unit.

In a letter of objection, one resident said: “The strong odour pollution would be invasive to our homes.

“It would be detrimental to the saleability of homes.”

Mareham le Fen Parish Council lists three objections and said the smell from 
slurry would affect several villages.

It also says the slurry could attract birds which could be a danger to aircraft at nearby RAF Coningsby.

There are several letters in support of the application.

Planning officers are recommending the application is refused.