Candidates standing in the Horncastle Town Council elections

District and town/parish elections take place on May 2.
District and town/parish elections take place on May 2.

Here are some short statements from all 13 candidates who will be standing in the Horncastle Town Council elections on Thursday, May 2.

Bill Aron:

Once again I am delighted to be standing for the Horncastle Town Council. I have lived and worked in the town for many years and fought hard to keep local services and facilities. I have over 20 years’ experience on the Council as well some 18 years representing Horncastle on Lincolnshire County Council.

On a number of occasions I have stood up to protect Horncastle’s heritage. I lead the team who saved the Horncastle War Memorial Centre from re-development and helped transform it into a successful community hub; I went on to help save Stanhope Hall from demolition and then turn it into a thriving community centre. I have also worked tirelessly, over many years, with others to ensure the Flood Alleviation Scheme was built to protect Horncastle. It is now officially operational and is already proving its worth. Please vote for me on Thursday 2nd May – thank you.

Richard Barker: Working 4 Horncastle

I have lived in Horncastle for over 15 years, been a business owner in the town, a Non-executive Director of the Lincolnshire Probation Trust and the ACIS Housing Group and past Chair of ELDC’s Standards Committee. In 2015 the town council was appointed without an election. Please use your vote on Thursday, May 2, to elect individuals who can provide business acumen, boardroom experience and governance skills, to manage the future of the town and control the public spending you all contribute to. Promotion of the businesses and the opportunities that the town has to offer will be paramount in my ambitions to serve the town and its residents. I have aligned myself to a dedicated group of like-minded individuals who want to be Working 4 Horncastle and deliver a future for the town, in an inclusive and transparent way, that we can all be proud of. Vote Richard Barker.

Angela Birchall:

As a Town Councillor since 2011 I have always listened to the concerns and ideas of others on issues that both enhance our town and help individual residents; ensuring that the needs of our community are paramount. Some committees I have worked on to improve our town include: • Planning committee - supporting and, when necessary, objecting to building plans that affect, or could affect, residents and businesses • Recreation ground committee – working to create an inclusive area for all • Christmas lights – developing improvements to the now hugely admired display, including the trees on business premises. My other voluntary work includes: SSAFA; a charity which helps ex-military personnel, Age UK, Horncastle Community Centre and Chair of Governors at a local school.

My family and I love Horncastle and use the local shops, library and businesses. I am committed to seeing our town continue to thrive and retain the character that makes Horncastle so unique.

Brian Burbidge:

I have been a Town Councilor since 2015 and have been Mayor for the last 2 consecutive years working and supporting Horncastle businesses and residents in every way I can. As chairman of the Town Council Planning Committee for the last four years much of my time has been spent fighting against housing over development in Horncastle. As a member of the Estates Committee I have been actively involved in the development of the Towns new burial ground and am fully supportive of the proposed recreation facility. I fully support the Councils decision to take back assets such as Stanhope Hall, the sports fields,Indoor Bowls Building, children’s playgrounds and other assets to enable them to be protected for the future of the Town. I would like your vote to let me continue to work for Horncastle town, residents, businesses and community. Vote for Brian Burbidge on Thursday, May 2.

Mark Everton: Working 4 Horncastle

I need your full support and your vote to be elected on May 2. I was born and bred in Horncastle and love this town dearly having raised my family and made my living here and now it’s time to put something back. Horncastle is such a great town but could achieve so much more and I’m wanting to make this happen.

I’m wanting to make the town busier, I’m wanting to give the young more choice something to focus on and a purpose, to give the shoppers more choice and confidence to shop in the town and to reassure the elderly that we care. Horncastle has so much to offer and to give so let’s work together and make it the town it should be ,and used to be ,let’s do it together, and let’s do it soon. Please vote for Mark Everton and indeed all Working 4 Horncastle.

Dominic Hinkins: Labour

I was privileged to grow up in Horncastle, and care deeply about our unique heritage and vibrant, caring community. I want to ensure future generations can enjoy it too. Co-opted to the Town Council in 2018, I have worked to engage residents, and offer genuine scrutiny, speaking out on local hospital provision, the environment, planning, and highways issues like the dangerous Boston road crossing. If elected to ELDC, my priorities will be protecting our high street, bringing empty and derelict properties back into use, and local action on growing inequality and climate crisis. I believe the current Tory administration’s policy of borrowing money for profit-making speculation is wrong: we should be directly investing in projects benefiting East Lindsey instead. I also believe council tax hikes are an unfair way to fund spending, and would demand the reversal of the nearly £5.3 million cut to ELDC’s central government grant since 2015.

John Lechler:

I am standing again for re-election because I have a great concern for the town of Horncastle where I have lived for 34 years. As a member of the town council I have already served on the Estates Committee and CCTV Committee both of which have overseen recent improvements in the town. In my role as a Councillor I have been atown council observer on The Stanhope Hall committee. I am currently the Treasurer and Vice Chair of the town’s busy Community Centre which also accommodates the local Foodbank which I helped set up some years ago and where I help as necessary. In addition I am the pastor of Life Church, Horncastle being happy to serve the community along with the other churches in town. I have been married to Alison for 44 years and I am a grandparent with a son and his family in South London.

Al Lockwood: Working 4 Horncastle

I need your support and vote for election to our Town Council on Thursday 2 May. I have lived in Horncastle for over 12 years and in Lincolnshire for almost 30. I love Horncastle, the area, and the people who live here, but believe we need to do more to make it attractive to visitors and residents alike. We need to promote the town as a place to live and visit, but we as a town need to be proactive in ensuring we are not overwhelmed by decisions of higher councils – we need to fight for what we need, and a strong voice and Council are needed. Working 4 Horncastle is a group committed to these ends, promoting and working for the town, involving those who live here in the decisions and plans needed, and building a future for all. Vote for me and all Working 4 Horncastle Candidates on May 2.

Fiona Martin:

I have lived in Horncastle for over 45 years. My four children attended Horncastle Schools and most of my family still live locally. Two of my grandsons currently attend Horncastle Community Primary School. I have been involved and worked with, many local organisations and been a governor of three local schools in the past. I am currently a Trustee of Horncastle Community Centre and the Stanhope Hall. I chaired the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 working group that organised the commemorative weekend last year. I am proud to be President of the hardworking Otters Swimming Club and I am Treasurer of the Horncastle & District Royal British Legion. I will continue to work to ensure that more assets and services are managed locally. Please give me your votes on May 2nd and I promise to continue to work to the best of my ability for our wonderful town.

James Martin:

I have lived in Horncastle all my life. I attended Primary and Secondary School in the town. I am married with 3 young children, 2 of whom currently attend Horncastle Primary. It has been a great privilege to serve on Horncastle Town Council for the last 4 years. Over the last 4 years I have served on various Town Council committees and working groups, including overseeing asset transfers from ELDC to Horncastle Town Council. This will ensure assets such as the Stanhope Hall, the Wong, the Playing Fields, Children’s play area and Hammerton Gardens are managed locally and their long term futures secure. Raising a young family in Horncastle I feel I have a good insight into the problems facing people in Horncastle, and if elected, I will work with others to find solutions to these problems, while promoting everything that is great about our town. Please vote James Martin

Craig Moore:

I have lived in Horncastle most of my life, attending both primary and secondary schools here. I work for my family’s locally based agricultural business and have represented Horncastle as a town councillor since 2017. Having grown up in the area I believe it’s important we provide better recreation facilities not just for the younger generations but the whole community. That’s why I aim to return to the working group to ensure a suitable recreation area is delivered. I have been privileged to represent the area so far and would be honoured to be re-elected on the 2nd May. I believe Horncastle is a beautiful place to live and has so much to offer. Working together with other councillors I hope to ensure the town reaches its full potential for our community and its visitors.

Matthew Wilkinson: Independent

I grew up in Horncastle and live here with my wife and two children who attend local schools. I work for a local company as a development manager.I think Horncastle is a great place to live, work and raise a family. We need to retain the charm of a small market town while being prepared for challenges of the future. I have been a Town Councillor for 8 years, in that time:• Led the Town Christmas lights improvements and the Christmas trees including applying and receiving grant awards • Been an active member of numerous committees • Created volunteering initiatives to improve town, (Wharf Street railings) •Been an approachable voice of reason. If elected I will• Strive to deliver a new recreation area for all ages • Work to improve the quality of life for the residents of Horncastle •Be a proactive, sensible, professional and approachable town councillor • Get things done.

Rose Williams:

I am absolutely dedicated to look after this town. I know it has to move forward with the times but I would like to ensure it maintains its essential character and values which we can pass on to future generations. I have lived and worked here for over 30 years, my son also works here and my grandchild attends Horncastle Primary School. I feel I have a good all round view of our town and it’s needs. I helped formulate the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan, which was the first in the county to be passed into law and is a valuable asset to our town’s future. I am also a trustee and secretary of the Horncastle War Memorial Centre. I have been a town councillor for five years and have served on the Planning and Development Committee where we can now make our own decisions on minor planning applications.

Terry MacCarthy is also standing in the Horncastle Town Council elections representing the Working 4 Horncastle party. Mr MacCarthy did not respond to the Horncastle New’s request for a statement and photograph to be included in the newspaper coverage.

• Candidates who do not have parties listed next to their names did not supply this information to East Lindsey District Council.