Action plan to boost tourism


An action plan to develop the Lincolnshire Wolds as a tourist destination has been unveiled.

The Destination Plan for the Lincolnshire Wolds will see the creation of a visible marketing brand and website.

District councillor Adam Grist, portfolio holder for market towns and rural economy, was speaking at the launch of the East Lindsey Economic Action Plan.

He said: “There is a big potential for the Lincolnshire Wolds as a tourist destination but it is not as well known as it could be.

“We are launching a new website next month to promote the Wolds nationally. People don’t say they are visiting Derbyshire, they say they are going to the Peak District. We want people to come to Lincoln, the Wolds and the coast. We need to tap into that potential.”

The East Lindsey Economic Plan for the district was outlined in the £3 million Skegness Aquarium - chosen as a prime example of the local authority working with the private sector to deliver top quality attractions.

Coun Steve Kirk, portfolio holder for coastal economy responsibilities, spoke on behalf of ‘Team East Lindsey’ and said the need for an action plan was evident.

He said: “In spite of a fantastic season, local statistics show areas of deprivation have gone up. Something is not working.”

East Lindsey has signed up to the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) Strategic Plan, which seeks to set the right conditions for development, promote infrastructure to sustain economic growth, and ensure a successful mix of large multinational retailers and small niche shops.

Coun Kirk said: “The aim of the action plan is to deliver things that can be seen, touched and smelt.”

The visitor economy is worth around £584 million to East Lindsey each year, with more than 4,270,000 enjoying breaks in the area.

A number of exciting projects, including a coastal marina and the re-opening of Louth Navigation canal with cycleways, were revealed at the launch on Friday.

Coun Grist said, as part of the regeneration of market towns, a £50,000 shop front scheme was launched in East Lindsey this year. He said: “There was good take-up in Louth and Horncastle and it is likely to be rolled out again next year.”

Poynton’s, of High Street, Horncastle, was awarded £1,237 as part of the shop fronts scheme.

A car parking review will look at how tariffs and capacity can support local economic prosperity.

Asked how the plan will be delivered when local authorities are facing cuts in expenditure, Coun Kirk said: “We are working in challenging times but this is what we can achieve if we work together.”