Police action Queen Street ASB in Horncastle


Horncastle’s Neighbourhood Policing team say they have taken ‘swift and decisive action’ after reports of vandalism in an area of the town.

Residents living in Queen Street complained after incidents of anti social behaviour.

They claim cars had been damaged and stones thrown at windows.

One resident - who did not want to be named - said gangs of youths were causing trouble.

However, PCSO Nigel Wass said officers had visited the area at the start of December following reports of ASB.

He added that officers had spoken to house owners and handed out letters which included police contact details.

PCSO Wass confirmed there had been ‘isolated incidents’ of ASB but stressed there had been no further reports of trouble.

He also denied claims someone was living rough in a derelict chapel in the Queen Street area.

He said: “We did visit Queen Street and spoke to residents to give some reassurance.”

PCSO Wass stressed Queen Street - and neighbouring residential roads - were regularly patrolled by officers.

Residents have complained the area is used as a short cut for people making their way home following a night out in the town centre.

PSCO Wass urged anyone with a complaint to contact police.

l Two females have come forward voluntarily and admitted they damaged a family’s outdoor Christmas decorations in the Bell’s Yard area. The duo agreed to pay for replacement decorations.

The story was featured in the News two weeks ago. Police say that as the problem has been settled amicably. They will not be taking any action.