Picture Gallery: Gardens event is a blooming good show

Produce show in Stanhope Hall, Horncastle. Secretary Pat Rowett.
Produce show in Stanhope Hall, Horncastle. Secretary Pat Rowett.

The 95th annual Horncastle Gardens and Allotments 
Association Show has been hailed as a big success.

It attracted 394 exhibits and included over 110 classes with a high standard of vegetables, flowers, pot plants and baking.

Results: President’s 
Trophy, Dave Fairburn; 
Associations Trophy, A Kirk; Runner up Trophy, Dave Fairburn; Association Miniature Cup, Dave Fairburn; J &M Maltby Cup, John Bennett; E Brown Trophy, A Kirk; Associations Miniatures Shield, Dave Fairburn; Kemp Trophy, John Jaques; Smith Johnson Cup , Dave Fairburn; Boucher Shield, John Bray; Harold Ward Trophy, John Jaques; Madge Ward Trophy, Dave Fairburn; Langton Manor Cup , John Jaques ; Ethel Alchurch Trophy, Dave Fairburn; Taylor Trophy, John Jaques; Mike Peck Trophy, John Jacques; Burman Todd Trophy,Dave Fairburn.

Chatterton Cup, John Jaques; Arthur Houldershaw Cup , John Jaques; Gladioli Trophy, Dave Fairburn; Horncastle Shield, R Pocklington; Tasker Trophy, John Jaques; Horncastle Furnishers Trophy, Ray Pocklington; Master Gardener Shield, Dave Fairburn; Colin Freeman Trophy , Grace Clark; Derek Myers Trophy, Mrs Boucher; Preserves Trophy, Mrs D Sandy; Gaunt Cup, Pat Rowett.