PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Christmas pictures

Christmas photography
Christmas photography

Apart from us wanting to make this a happy time we all know we will be rushing about and making last minute decisions, so get your camera ready early and then you can forget all about it until you need to use it.

Camera Check List

Batteries, spare batteries and make sure you have found the charger.

Check the lens is clean, no sticky prints and if in doubt take it to the shop and have it cleaned but be careful not to apply pressure to the bit of the lens that moves in and out on your compact cameras.

Check you card has enough pictures left on it or have a spare card. Remember it is always safer to have two small cards rather than on big card!

Make sure the flash is working and that it gives good results as you will be using it nearly all the time. This is why you need the spare batteries.

Do some test photos to check the camera is working as Christmas Day is not the time to find out it is playing up.

All this should only take a few minutes and then you can put it somewhere (with the charger and spare card) where you can find it easily when you want it.

This leaves you free to panic about something else!

Some photographing tips.

If possible try to designate someone to take the candid photos you want to keep.

It is easy to assume others will take photos and then find they didn’t.

Opening presents, cooking the turkey, lots of close ups and especially a family group.

Posing a family group is really not hard if everyone knows before hand that they have to be in it. Use a settee as a setting and get children on the floor, older members sat down and teenagers stood at the back or sat on the arms of the settee.

The one important rule is to make sure people sit forward and not reclining on the settee, all those bulging tummys are not flattering!

Use flash and take several shots and you will have a photo to remember for years.

Good Shooting.