Phone home......we would if we had one!

Residents of Dornoch Close in Woodhall Spa are still without phones EMN-150202-134243001
Residents of Dornoch Close in Woodhall Spa are still without phones EMN-150202-134243001

They would like to phone home. In fact, they would love to phone anyone, but residents in Woodhall Spa claim they have been let down by BT.

The residents moved into new bungalows in Dornoch Close a couple of months ago.

Despite applying to BT for home phone lines to be installed at the start of December, the majority are still waiting to be connected.

Malc Gill and his partner Sue Skipworth say they are “sick and tired of being lied to” by BT.

They claim all the residents are elderly and at least one needs a home phone because they rely on the ‘Lifeline’ care service.

Mr Gill also said the residents were running up big mobile phone bills.

He said: “This has all got beyond a joke. It is a disgrace. We’ve been waiting two months and nothing is happening.

“Every time you ring up you BT you get a different story. All we get are excuses and lies. It’s not good enough.”

Mr Gill admitted an engineer from ‘Open Reach’ did call at Dornoch Close last week, but only connected one household.

He added: “From what we can gather, that person had complained more than anyone else but it shouldn’t be like that.

“Most of the people living down here are elderly and they need their home phones.

“One person relies on Lifeline and it makes you wonder what would happen if there was a problem.

“Who would be responsible?”

Mr Gill said he and his partner had regularly tried to contact BT to ask what the problem was.

Ms Skipworth said she previously paid £25-a-month for her mobile phone contract.

However, she has had to increase that by £5 to cover the cost of the fact the couple don’t have a home phone.

She added: “I know one person who topped up their mobile with £20-worth of credit. When they’d finally got through to someone at BT, they had 34p left.

“Most of the numbers you have to ring to get anywhere are 0800 and they cost a fortune.

“The other problem is the mobile signal around here is not great. It’s a nightmare.”

The couple say they have never had any problems with BT.

A spokesman said: “We have a number of underground cable faults which are quite complex. Our engineers are currently working on this.”