Why Thimbleby has been left in dark


East Lindsey District Council has promised to repair a footpath light in Thimbleby amid claims it hasn’t worked properly for four months.

Thimbleby resident Eric Dickinson contacted the News to say he was fed up of reporting the light near his home on the main road through the village.

He said contractors had repaired the light a couple of weeks ago but it only worked from 10am until 3pm - and then went off again.

Mr Dickinson said the faulty light was leading to unsafe conditions for pedestrians and drivers.

He said: “It’s the only light around here so it’s pitch black. It’s dangerous walking on the pavement.

“It’s also a dangerous bend. A car has already come off the road and gone through a neighbour’s hedge and you worry there’s going to be something else happen.”

Mr Dickinson claims he has rung ELDC at least eight times to report the faulty light and has visited their access point at Horncastle Library on four occasions.

He added: “They always say they will do something but nothing happens. It’s all these cut backs. It makes you wonder what we’re paying our council tax for these days.”

A spokesman for ELDC said contractors repaired the light on October 4 and it was ‘left working’.

He added Mr Dickinson’s comments indicated there was a separate fault with the photocell unit (the device on top of the lantern which detects sundown/sunset).

The spokesman said: “We have had no report of the light not working after October 4. We have asked our contractor to repair the additional fault and it will be attended to next week when they are in the area.”