Why they’re raising the roof at Horncastle Church

St Mary's Church, Horncastle EMN-160314-151246001
St Mary's Church, Horncastle EMN-160314-151246001

Bob Wayne has submitted this image of St Mary’s Church in Horncastle ‘covered’ in scaffolding.

The roof of the North aisle is being repaired and new lead cladding is being installed. It completes the work started by Douglas Mitchell and his team way back in 1984 to completely re-roof the body of the church.

St Mary’s many supporters can congratulate themselves that Horncastle’s oldest and most valued building’s future is secured.

Quite possibly the Town has a church in better structural condition than it has ever been in eight centuries.

Sadly this can never be the end of the story, continuous maintenance especially to the stonework will be needed have to continue indeed advantage is being taken of the roof’s scaffolding to reach the higher walls.