Why it was all a load of ‘rubbish’ at Horncastle meeting


A Horncastle resident came up with the perfect way to back his claims that developers are dumping rubbish in the garden his home.

He produced the bag containing some of the rubbish and presented it to Mayor Coun Brian Burbidge at September’s meeting of the town council!

The man, who was not named at the meeting, is demanding East Lindsey District Council takes enforcement action against developers on Louth Road.

Before producing the rubbish, the man asked the town council if they could do anything about developers putting a portable toilet next to his property.

Coun Burbidge replied: “It’s doubtful. Have you spoken to ELDC. That would be the first thing to do.”

The man said: “The first thing I did was to speak to the developer. I have to say it was a heated exchange.”

The man then produced the rubbish and asked if it was ‘ acceptable’ that developers had thrown items into his garden.

Again, Coun Burbidge said the man should complain to ELDC but he did offer: “We could contact them for you.”

The man went on to complain about what he claimed were breaches of planning conditions by the developers.

He told councillors one condition stated a driveway to the site had to be completed before work could start on the dwellings. He said that had not happened.

District councillor Richard Avison was at the town council meeting.

He is a member of ELDC’s planning committee and revealed the developer had been given until October 1 to finish the driveway.

He saidenforcement could be introduced - if that deadline was not met.

The residentcountered: “Why are we giving more time to developers? Why is action not being taken?”

Coun Avison replied: “We have to be reasonable.”

The resident said: “What about the people who are having to put up with it?”

Coun Avison explained enforcement officers could not ‘drive around’ looking at every building site.

He said he would report the man’s concerns. and a site visit would take place.

The man said: ”I hope they walk around with open eyes.”