Why everyone is going ‘batty’ in Horncastle


Residents and business owners in Horncastle could be forgiven for thinking they are going ‘batty’.

According to several people, a colony of bats have set up ‘home’ underneath a bridge carrying the A158 over the River Bain.

At night, the bats are proving to be a popular attraction as they fly inches above the Bain to the rear of properties in West Street, searching for insects

One business owner told the News: “There are lots of them. They’re a wonderful sight.

“Most evenings, they come swooping by. We’ve never seen so many - and they are huge.”

Several other people contacted the News.

Some even suggested the bats were ‘bigger than usual’ and were a species of fruit bat.

There is, though, a serious side to the story as the bats - which are protected - are apparently ‘roosting’ at a bridge where work will take place during a major programme of road improvements.

A spokeswoman for the Lincolnshire Bat group confirmed they were are of reports of activity on the Bain.

She said: “Yes, we have been contacted and we’re looking into this at the moment but I can’t tell you more than that.”