West Street - work is on schedule

Contractors say that work on West Street is running to schedule. Picture taken by Content Editor John Fieldhouse.
Contractors say that work on West Street is running to schedule. Picture taken by Content Editor John Fieldhouse.

The first section of re-building and re-surfacing West Street in Horncastle should be completed this weekend.

Although Lincolnshire County Council has not made an official statement, the News understands work is on schedule.

That means the ‘town end’ of West Street - and Prospect Street - should re-open to vehicles on Monday.

Contractors will then move on to the second section of the improvements for West Street - the stretch from JT Friskney to the junction with the A158 (Lincoln Road).

While that work is on-going, there will be no access from West Street onto the A158.

Staff and students will return to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School (in West Street) next Wednesday.

The County Council has again stressed no parking will be allowed for school purposes in West Street itself.

While there is no access to West Street from Lincoln Road, school buses and staff vehicles will be allowed onto the school site.

Staff at the school have been issued with laminated cards which will allow them access.

Details of all the arrangements can be found on the school website but the County Council confirmed vehicles owned by parents/students will not be allowed to enter West Street from Lincoln Road.

Residents in West Street will continue to be allowed overnight access to parking, and have been issued with permits.

Once the work on West Street is completed, contractors will move on to carry out improvements at the junction with the A158.

That phase of work is scheduled for September 10 but again is reliant on a number of factors, including the weather.

Businesses in West Street are still open during the duration of the works.

There are conflicting reports on the impact the works have had.

Restaurant owner Phil Cantwell said he had not noticed any difference in trade but coffee shop owner Graeme Midgley said he had been ‘much quieter’ than usual.

Both Mr Cantwell and Mr Midgley said they accepted the work ‘had to be done’ and that West Street would benefit in the long-term.

However, Mr Midgley said he felt the county council’s consultation process with residents and businesses could have been ‘much better.’

With West Street closed, there have been reports of extra traffic on North Street and the Bull Ring.

The town centre, in general, was much busier today although many people pointed out it is market day.

Signs identifying temporary bus stops were also finally in place today after the county council apologised for the delaying in placing them.

It is understood contractors had to drive from Horncastle to a depot in Doncaster to fetch the signs.

Contractors have praised people for their understanding and support during the opening phase of the works which, including Langton Hill, could last until December.

Contractors have ‘turned back’ some vehicles which ignored road closed signs while unconfirmed reports suggest at least two cars drove onto West Street before being stopped.