‘We’ll work together for a new skate park’

Kieran Campbell who is ready to meet town councillors in a bid to secure a new skate park in Horncastle. Picture: John Fieldhouse.
Kieran Campbell who is ready to meet town councillors in a bid to secure a new skate park in Horncastle. Picture: John Fieldhouse.

A 21-year-old care worker says he is ‘ready and happy’ to work alongside local councillors to campaign for a new skate park in Horncastle.

Kieran Campbell, who works at the Tanglewood Care Home, says he and other skateboarding enthusiasts are determined to ensure the town gets a new park.

Mr Campbell, who lives in Belchford, says a skate park would bring in visitors and help keep kids off the streets.

He and his friend’s involvement comes as town councillors are continuing their skate park project.

Now, the two ‘parties’ are set to unite in a bid to advance the idea.

Mr Campbell revealed skateboarders currently have to travel out-of-town.

However, he says that if money could be found for new skate parks in places like Louth and Market Rasen, then why not Horncastle?

Mr Campbell revealed his own determination was fired by a recent incident in the town’s Market Place.

He says: “I was skating along a pavement outside the newsagents.

“There was no-one else on the pavement so it was completely safe.

“Someone shouted at me to get off my board and go to the skate park instead.

“I stopped and told the guy I would - if there was one!”

Mr Campbell immediately posted on Facebook, asking if there was support for a skate park.

Within hours, he had received more than 50 positive replies.

Mr Campbell said he and his friends had formed their own club - ‘145 Skateboard’ - and regularly used facilities in Louth and Skegness.

He’s aware there was a skate park facility on playing fields behind the town tennis club but that shut down a couple of years ago and was a repeated target for vandals.

Mr Campbell confirmed he and his friends had identified potential sites and were talking to other local skate parks and organisations about how best to set up a project in Horncastle, including funding.

However, when he learned of the town council initiative, he said he would be happy to work with them.

He added: “A skate park would make a big difference to Horncastle.

“I know they did surveys at local schools asking what kids would like most and a skate park came out top.

“Most people probably associate skate parks with teenage gangs but that doesn’t tell the real story.

“We regularly compete in events to raise funds for charity.

“There’s no reason that couldn’t happen in Horncastle.”

Town clerk Amanda Bushell said the council was happy to meet Mr Campbell and any other enthusiasts.

She said the council had been working on a skate park project for over 12 months. They have identified four potential sites and were currently ‘exploring funding opportunities’.

It is understood a new park could cost in the region of £80-90,000.

As well as skateboarders, the park could also be utilised for scooters and BMX racers.