Villagers divided over ‘loud’ music at gala

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Residents of Goulceby have been left divided over plans to relax noise restrictions so that the annual gala can be held at a village pub, which was approved by planners last week.

During the meeting, councillors accused the objectors of being ‘pernickety’, and criticised the subsequent ‘waste’ of the committee’s time by having to debate the application.

The application from Ian Peet, owner of the Three Horseshoes pub and the camping and touring area on the site, submitted the application to vary the noise restrictions in order to allow amplified music to be played at community events - specifically the annual village gala - once permission has been received in writing from the local planning authority.

However, some residents had objected on the grounds due to claims of ‘excessive’ noise levels at last year’s gala.

It was also claimed that the gala committee had circumvented the condition by airing the music from the car park at the front of the pub, rather than at the rear of the pub with the rest of the gala.

Mr Peet accepted that this was the case last year, and that unfortunately this meant the speakers were actually closer to residential properties.

He said that varying the condition would resolve this issue for next year, and allow the music to be more ‘shielded’ by the pub building.

Coun Daniel McNally said: “I don’t know what the objectors’ problem is. It’s a community event, for four hours every year, and people are objecting to some music?”

Exasperated, Coun McNally added that he was going to ‘control himself’, before recommending the application for approval.

The only other councillor to speak in the debate was Coun Sid Dennis, who said: “I agree with Coun McNally. I can’t understand why it’s here.

“I think it’s a bit pernickety, it does seem a waste of time for this gentleman [the applicant] coming here, and a waste of committee’s time.”

The vote was then held and the application was approved 10-0, with one abstention.