Update: Flood warning for River Waring scaled down


A flood warning has been scaled down for the River Waring, in Horncastle, as water levels have been falling.

A statement issued this morning (Monday) states: “The River Waring has been falling steadily today, Monday, September 30, and we do not expect any further flooding to properties on Stanhope Road and the Antiques Centre.

“There may be standing water in low lying areas and fields for several days.”

Original article:

A flood warning is currently in place in Horncastle, according to a statement issued by the Government’s Flood Warning Information Service last night (Sunday)

The area of concern is the River Waring immediately upstream of Stanhope Road.

In a statement updated at 7.57pm, the service said: “Heavy rain has fallen in the Horncastle area in the last 24 hours.

“This is causing the River Waring to rise and is forecast to continue to rise throughout the night.

“Flooding is expected from 9pm onwards on Sunday, September 29.

“River levels will peak overnight.

“The main area of concern is properties on Stanhope Road, and the Antiques Centre.

“Flood waters may be deep and fast flowing in all these areas.

“Residents are strongly urged to take action now. Remain safe and be aware of your local surroundings.

“We have staff out in the area and we are closely monitoring the situation.”

A flood alert is also in place - with the service warning that flooding is possible in the Bain Catchment.

In a statement issued at 8.32pm last night, the service said: “Over the last 24 hours we have seen heavy rainfall in the area around Horncastle.

“This means that the rivers are now rising.

“The River Bain will remain at a constant high level whilst the Flood Storage Reservoir is in operation.

“There will be some expected flooding of low lying land and roads close to the river from the evening of Sunday, September 29, onwards.

“We expect the river to remain high throughout the next few days.

“Our forecasts indicate that flooding to properties isn’t likely and therefore flood warnings are not expected to be issued.

“We are constantly monitoring river levels and have staff in the field checking for and clearing blockages in this location.”

• There will be further updates when more information becomes available.