‘Unavoidable’ potholes near Woodhall Spa are in line for repairs

Potholes on Abbey Lane, near Woodhall Spa. EMN-190404-151208001
Potholes on Abbey Lane, near Woodhall Spa. EMN-190404-151208001

Residents and motorists have informed the county council about a section of road which is full of potholes near Woodhall Spa - but it is not clear when repairs will be carried out.

The Horncastle News spoke to motorist Becky Dixon, 34, who has been directly affected by the potholes along Abbey Lane.

Last Wednesday morning, Becky, who works as a community nurse, was travelling to see a patient when her car hit a pothole.

The impact burst one of her front tyres, and has caused some damage to the other front tyre.

Becky, who has a inflamatory condition which affects the bones in her back, had to wait for a recovery vehicle and have a new tyre fitted before she could get back on the road again.

She said: “Week after week people are breaking down on this stretch of road.

“The potholes are all over the road - they are unavoidable.

“Lincolnshire County Council need to do something about this road - it has been reported several times now.”

Becky, who is from Spilsby, has to travel all over the county due to her work - so having a car is imperative to her job.

She added: “I am so infuriated - I went to report the road and saw lots of other people had also reported it.”

One motorist who reported the potholes wrote: “There are potholes on both sides of the farm entrance (along Abbey Lane) and it is impossible to miss them.

“They are very deep and dangerous to cyclists when full of water as they are not visible and could cause serious injury.”

The Horncastle News contacted Lincolnshire County Council for a comment.

The local highways manager said: “The potholes on Abbey Lane were reported to us on 1 March this year, and our contractor has been instructed to make the necessary repairs.

“We expect this to happen in the near future.”

• To report a pothole in your area, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/transport-and-roads/highways-maintenance/potholes/36679.article