To pay or not to pay - CCTV is the question in Horncastle

CCTV camera.
CCTV camera.

Town councillors in Horncastle will this week decide whether to pay an annual bill from East Lindsey District Council for CCTV coverage.

Horncastle is one of seven towns in East Lindsey involved in a long-running saga over CCTV.

New digitial cameras were supposed to have been rolled out months ago as part of efforts to reduce crime and anti social behaviour.

However, BT experienced delays in upgrading WiFi systems in many of the towns.

The problems have been sorted but while towns like Skegness have new cameras, Horncastle and Louth do not.

Instead, they have to rely on outdated analogue cameras, which have been labelled as ‘not fit for purpose’.

Town councillors have been told digital cameras will hopefully be installed in Horncastle before the summer.

In the meantime, the council has received a bill for £4,514.88 from ELDC to cover Horncastle’s share of the annual cost of running and monitoring the system.

Speaking at a meeting earlier this month, several town councillors suggested witholding payment.

Coun Angela Birchall said: “Why should we pay for something that in effect we haven’t had.”

However, council chairman Coun Brian Burbidge stressed the town was covered by CCTV - albeit the outdated cameras which were monitored by staff in a control room at Boston.

He warned he was concerned about the legal implications of not paying.

Meanwhile, the town council could also be looking for a new home. Clerk Amanda Bushell and assistant Michelle Moss are currently based in a room at the town library but it has been suggested they should relocate to larger premises.