Swim ace Andrew the toast of Jubilee Park

Champion fundraiser Andrew Short at the Jubilee Park pool. Photo: John Fieldhouse.
Champion fundraiser Andrew Short at the Jubilee Park pool. Photo: John Fieldhouse.

A 10-year-old Woodhall Spa boy has made a big splash as a fundraiser after completing an amazing 192 -length swim in the outdoor pool at Jubilee Park.

Andrew Short, a pupil at St Andrew’s School, covered the distance - the equivalent of four miles - in a remarkable, three hours and 32 minutes.

He was one of around 60 children who took part to raise money to fund lessons at the pool - and general improvements to the park.

To date, Andrew has raised around £750 of an overall total of £1,800 although money is still coming in.

Other major contributers include Jasmine Blackbourne (£105) and Morgan Jones (£155).

Andrew admitted the swim was exhausting but said he was determined to finish -even though he was bursting for a toilet break over the closing stages!

He was joined in the last 14 lengths by Rachael Meller, deputy manager and swimming co-ordinator at the pool.

Rachael said: “Andrew was absolutely brilliant. He swam the furthest and raised the most money but it was a great effort by everyone.”

Andrew’s dad Ron admitted his son ‘lives at the pool’ - especially during the school holidays.

He said: “We’re very proud of him. He loves sport. He plays football for Woodhall U11s but swimming is his first choice.

“He just about lives at the pool. He loves it and the staff are fantastic.”

Andrew revealed the majority of his sponsors were friends of his mum and dad.

He added: “Jubilee Park is great - and the pool is the best part.

“I was a bit tired but I wasn’t going to stop. Rachael really helped.”

Andrew went on to say he wanted to become a lifeguard and coach at the pool when he is old enough. He already helps out at lessons held for children.

The pool is one the area’s most popular attractions, epecially in hot weather.

It also hit the national headlines last month when staff banned people from wearing ‘Love Island-style’ thongs.

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