Second-hand bin claim is a load of rubbish - ELDC


Councillors in Horncastle have been waiting patiently for new litter bins to be installed in the town’s Market Place.

They submitted a request to East Lindsey District Council several weeks ago to get rid of the old bins, saying they were an eyesore in the historic town centre.

One of the new bins.

One of the new bins.

ELDC ‘finally’ replaced the bins last week.

However, one town councillor wasn’t impressed and accused ELDC of ‘installing second-hand rubbish bins’– a claim that was quickly denied by the authority.

After seeing the bins, Coun Alan Lockwood contacted his town council colleagues by email and stated: “Delighted to see the second hand litter bins being installed in the Market Place.

“I ask why were we fobbed off with the excuse by ELDC that ‘we were waiting for the order for new ones to be fulfilled’ as the reason for the delay as it’s clearly visible these bins are not new. Peeling paint is a bit of a giveaway.

“I think an explanation is required, particularly as the contractor installing the bins says all the new ones are going to Skegness – where, of course,the majority of people using them don’t pay rates here.”

However, ELDC hit back and in a statement said: “We can confirm the bins are new and haven’t been used anywhere else.

“They’ve picked up a little dust and dirt during storage/transport but the team will be giving them a clean in the next few days (weather permitting).”