Say I do! Elaine and Bernard celebrate 60 years of marriage

Elaine and Bernard have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
Elaine and Bernard have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

A couple who first met through mutual friends at a picture house in Horncastle have just celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Elaine and Bernard Dickinson, aged 88 and 83, were married on March 26, 1959.

The couple said ‘I do’ at a registry office, which was situated in Tinkers Entry, in Horncastle.

Speaking to the Horncastle News, their daughter Elizabeth said: “It was a quiet wedding - it was just the two of them and a few witnesses.”

Elaine, who was born in Horncastle, and Bernard, who originally comes from Horsington, first met in 1958 after they were introduced through some mutual friends.

Elizabeth said: “My dad worked on a family farm in Horsington and mum worked at a local egg packing station.”

The couple have lived in Horncastle for many years now - and have a special place they visit on an almost daily basis.

Elaine and Bernard enjoy going to The Old Stables - and the staff there have grown very fond of them.

Owner Kate Giffen said: “Elaine and her husband have been visiting us at The Old Stables for many years.

“It’s always a pleasure to see them.

“Elaine often takes great pride in updating us on her family’s news, which obviously brings her much joy.

“We wish them many congratulations on their special day.”

Elizabeth explained that her parents are both besotted by each other - and their four legged friends.

She said: “Mum and dad both love dogs.

“They are particularly fond of their Yorkshire Terrier called Tilly.

“They have always loved dogs and have owned between eight and 10 dogs during their marriage.”

Elizabeth added: “They also enjoyed going on holidays to the Cotswolds together.”

Elaine and Bernard have two daughters - Elizabeth and Denise, as well as six grandchildren and an astonishing seventeen great-grandchildren.

Elaine also has a son John from her first marriage.

Elaine and Bernard celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a meal at The Admiral Rodney, in Horncastle, surrounded by their family.

Elaine and Bernard also received a letter from The Queen to further add to the celebrations on their special day.

On the secret to a happy marriage, Liz paused and then jokingly said: “I think it might be my dad getting out the house by walking the dog two or three times a day!”