Say cheese and you are smiling - or not!

Charlie Lindley with best friend Emma Colson EMN-150126-154658001
Charlie Lindley with best friend Emma Colson EMN-150126-154658001

People give up all kinds of things to raise money for charity - from alcohol to cream cakes and birthday presents.

However, Charlie Lindley has surely created something of a first.

The 20-year-old - from Goulceby - has decided to raise funds for research into pancreatic cancer by giving up....cheese!

Charlie, it seems, has cheese with everything - including sausages.

She’s made what for her is the ultimate sacrifice to support best friend Emma Colson from Horncastle.

Emma ‘lost’ her father-in-law to pancreatic cancer 18 months ago.

She explained: “To say we were devastated is an understatement. It affected those around us too.

“The support we had from friends was amazing. Charlie was only 19 at the time but she showed such maturity as I cried on her shoulder on numerous occasions.

“She wanted to do something and giving up cheese seemed pretty obvious.

“She is a complete cheese addict. ...I mean big time!”

Charlie is half-way through her two week ‘ban’ and admits it has been far from easy.

She added: “I love cheese - with anything. I drive my mum crazy. I’m definitely more bad tempered and it’s hard because I know there’s loads of cheese in the fridge.”

*Charlie hopes to raise more than £200 and has set up a JustGiving page.