Safety fears prompt pleas for new paths in the town

Tree roots are one of the hazards facing pedestrians at the entry to the  busy Bain car park.
Tree roots are one of the hazards facing pedestrians at the entry to the busy Bain car park.

East Lindsey District Council has promised to look at the possibility of installing footpaths in two Horncastle locations that have been labelled as a danger to pedestrians.

Town councillor Maurice Lamb is leading calls for a permanent footpath alongside the Bain car park which he says would make it safer for people walking from the town centre to the Tesco supermarket.

Town and county councillor Bill Aron wants to see a footpath alongside Coronation Walk, leading to the indoor pool and fitness suite - and the Spa Trail.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Coun Lamb said the situation in the Bain car park was ‘an accident waiting to happen.’

He explained people walking from the town centre, or Watermill Road, had to either negotiate the busy car park or a muddy, unmade path made even more treacherous by exposed tree roots.

Coun Lamb said there had been calls for a ‘proper footpath’ going as far back as 1983 - long before Tesco moved into the supermarket at the site.

He added: “All these years and we’re still waiting now. There is lots more traffic using the car park and more people are walking to the supermarket.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done.”

Coun Aron raised similar safety concerns about the need for a footpath off Coronation Walk.

He said pedestrians had to walk within inches of passing vehicles or risk a muddy, uneven path very close to a bank of the River Waring.

Coun Aron pointed out that at night, the section of roadway was poorly lit.

He said: “We need a proper footpath. It is a very busy section of roadway with pedestrains and vehicles having to share the same space.

“It is dangerous. I’ve raised this before but nothing has been done.”

Councillor Adam Grist, ELDC’s Portfolio Holder for Market Towns and the Rural Economy, was at the town council meeting and said it was the first hed heard of ther issue. He promised to raise the amtter with officers at ELDC.