Rural roads branded a ‘disgrace’ as car damaged on funeral trip

The pothole when it was first reported.
The pothole when it was first reported.

A Miningsby woman who was on her way to a family funeral was forced to change her plans - after her car was allegedly damaged by a pothole.

Graham Kirkman says his wife’s car suffered a flat tyre when it struck pothole near the Revesby Estate.

Fortunately, Mr Kirkman was at home at the time and drove his own car to the scene .

His wife - although shocked - was able to complete the journey in his car.

Mr Kirkman ‘limped’ the damaged car back to the couple’s house - running the damaged tyre along the grass verge.

However, he was left with an £80 repair bill.

Now, Mr Kirkman has joined growing criticism of ‘fixmystreet’ - the online system for reporting potholes in Lincolnshire.

Mr Kirkman has described the roads in the Miningsby area as a ‘disgrace’.

He says he has used ‘fixmystreet’ to report several issues, including the pothole which damaged his wife’s car.

However, he claims that while some of the potholes were repaired, the one that damaged his the car was left untouched.

Mr Kirkman says that has happened in several other locations where some potholes are repaired - and others aren’t - despite each one being reported.

He is also unhappy that repairs are ‘signed off’ on the system as ‘completed’ - when actually nothing had been done.

He explained: “I had exactly this experience with a pothole near Mareham on the Hill.

“It was signed off as complete despite nothing being done.

“The system shows the potholes on the road at the rear of the Revesby Estate have been repaired but clearly that is not the case, as my wife’s experience highlights.

“There is currently a pothole outside our house in Miningsby.

“I first reported this three months ago, along with photographs.

“The hole is now much bigger and still nothing is done , despite me updating the fault on ‘fixmystreet’ each month.

“The roads around Miningsby are a disgrace and despite numerous reports we can’t get anything done.

“I know people will say it’s ‘only’ rural back roads but that is not the point.

“We pay the same council tax as everyone else but we definitely don’t get the same service.”

Mr Kirkman says he has spoken to residents in other villages who have encountered similar problems.

He says he is concerned that the pothole-strewn surfaces could lead to a serious accident.

Mr Kirkman added: “There are a number of potholes in and around Miningsby which I would class as dangerous.

“There’s no street lighting so you can’t see them at night and if you swerve to miss one - you will hit another.

“Also, because of the recent weather, a lot of them are filled with water and you can’t tell how deep they are.’

Mr Kirkman says he did contact local county councillor Bill Aron who helped get some potholes repaired.

He added: “He was a big help but you can’t keep ringing him .

“I don’t blame the county council because they only have limited finances which have to stretch a long, long way.

“However, ‘fixmystreet’ needs a complete overhaul and Lincolnshire needs more funding from central government.”

Coun Aron revealed at a recent Horncastle Town Council meeting that ‘fixmystreet’ was being updated and improved after what he termed a ‘few issues’.