Relief as Horncastle avoids yet more flooding

Water levels in the Old River Bain earlier this month. Picture: Andrew Neal.
Water levels in the Old River Bain earlier this month. Picture: Andrew Neal.

Horncastle residents have been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief after fears of yet more flooding failed to materialise.

Earlier this month, The Environment Agency (EA) issued a warning for the River Waring - and a less serious ‘alert’ for the River Bain catchment area.

That led to a worrying 48 hours for property owners in and around the Stanhope Road area next to the Waring, after their homes flooded just a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, the rain eased in time to prevent a reoccurrence and the EA lifted the warning.

At the same time, the town’s multimillion pound flood defences on the Bain also worked.

The defences - near Hemingby - see excess water from the river allowed to ‘flood’ adjacent farmland.

Then, last weekend, heavy and prolonged rain which had been forecast for the area on Sunday failed to arrive.

Mayor Coun Fiona Martin said she was ‘not aware’ of any properties or businesses flooding.

The warning the previous week for the Waring came after the EA officials admitted they had ‘got it wrong’ regarding flooding incidents in the town in July.

The EA confirmed the July warning had come too late to prevent flooding at several properties, including Sea View Antiques.

Although no flooding took place last week, Coun Martin welcomed the earlier warning.

She said: “The Environment Agency spoke last month at a town council meeting and assured us the warning system for Horncastle would be changed and that appears to have happened.”

The July flooding is the subject of an ongoing investigation, led by Lincolnshire County Council.

One of the aims is to find a solution to flooding from the Waring and Thunker’s Drain.

Meanwhile, several residents contacted the News to complain sluice gates near the town’s sports centre were not opened last week, causing river levels to rise.

One resident, Andrew Neal, called for waterways in the vicinity of the centre to be cleared of reeds and silt.

He added: “Please, will someone act - before it is too late.”