Public meeting on future of Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park.
Jubilee Park.

Woodhall Spa Parish Council is showing its support for the village’s Jubilee Park to help secure its future.

The council has agreed to support Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd (JPWS), which runs the venue, with their future development plans.

A public meeting is being planned to explain more and both organisations urge residents to attend.

Council Chairman, David Clarke said: “Further progress has been made by the Working Group set up by Woodhall Spa Parish Council to investigate ways to assist JPWS with their funding shortfall.

“The group’s recommendation to full council to pursue a Public Works Loans Board (PWLB) loan was accepted.

“JPWS were informed of this decision and the two groups are progressing this idea, which if successful could help realise the plans JPWS have had for the village asset.”

The funding, which may be available to the Parish Council, will require public support from the residents of Woodhall Spa.

The first steps in achieving this are a public meeting followed by a house to house leaflet/questionnaire drop throughout the parish.

Mr Clarke added: “The process of applying for a PWLB is lengthy and requires consultation with residents.

“The format of that consultation is currently underway, however the matter is further complicated by the pending Parish Council Elections on 2nd May which implement the rules of Purdah from the 26th March, meaning the consultation cannot proceed until after the election.

“On a positive note, the consultation papers will be ready for distribution from the 3rd of May.

“The Parish Council are looking forward to working with residents and anticipate a high response rate.”

JPWS has plans for a £700,000 scheme to fully refurbish the swimming pool buildings and add all-year-round health and fitness facilities to secure the park’s long-term future.

Grants to cover half the cost have already been applied for.

JPWS trustee Jon Finley said: “We are delighted and grateful that the Parish Council has agreed to support our project.

“We are confident that this is the way forward to continuing our success.”

The public meeting will go into details of the plans, why JPWS sees them as so important, the costs involved, how the money can be raised and the risks to local tax payers.

Mr Finley added: “The park is at a crossroads and the potential commitment for both JPWS and the Parish Council and local taxpayers is considerable.

“People need to understand the full picture to make an informed choice when the questionnaire comes through the door.”

The date of the meeting will be given as soon as possible.