Proud parents praise Banovallum School for brilliant support

Happily family: Natasha Loveley with dad Malcolm and mum Deborah. Photo: John Aron
Happily family: Natasha Loveley with dad Malcolm and mum Deborah. Photo: John Aron

The proud parents of Natasha Loveley have praised everyone at Banovallum School for the support hey have shown their disabled daughter.

The 16-year-old, who is confined to a wheelchair, joined other students at what proved to be a record-breaking exam results day last Thursday.

Natasha did amazingly well in her BTEC exams and will go on to study retail at Linkage College.

Linkage is a long-established specialist independent further education college for young people with learning disabilities.

Nataha’s mum, Deborah Skayman, and dad, Malcolm Loveley, could not thank Banovallum School enough.

Deborah said: “We were told Natasha would have to go to a special school but we always wanted her to come to Banovallum.

“It’s a been a brilliant. They have really looked after her. We couldn’t have made a better decision.”

“She’s done so well. We’re so proud of her.”

Other students were praised Banovallum after what proved to be a record-breaking set of GCSE results. for the school.

Jack Deasley was one of the top performers and said: “It’s been amazing. The help and support you get from staff could not have been better.

“The exams were hard but perhaps but not as bad as I expected.”

And the key to his success? “Hard work and early nights!”

Jack will join Queen Elizabeth Grammar School’s Sixth Form next month.

At QEGS, students said the support and help from teachers had been a key part of their success.

They were also played down suggestions that the exams were still too easy, despite changes introduced by the Government.”

Most QEGS students will go on to the Sixth Form but Ava Vernon faces a rather different challenge.

The equestrian star – an England international in her age group – will take up an apprenticeship working with horses.