Praise for bid to crackdown on town’s dog mess

PCSO Nigel Wass and ELDC's dog warden Sue Farenden
PCSO Nigel Wass and ELDC's dog warden Sue Farenden

People living in Horncastle have praised the latest efforts to crackdown on the problem of dog mess and called for the campaign to carry on,

The News revealed last week that police officers had teamed up with East Lindsey District Council’s dog warden in a joint initiative to ‘clean up’ the town’s streets.

It followed complaints from residents and town councillors about the amount of dog mess - particularly in and around the Stanhope Road area.

Linda Davies, a mother of two, said the problem was much improved.

She added: “A few weeks ago, my kids were having to watch where they put their feet. It was terrible.

“One of my friends has a kid who trod in some mess and it was awful.

”I know another mum who pushed her pram through a pile.

“The owners who allow their dogs to mess are the lowest of the low.

“It’s definitely better and I’ve seen the dog warden about.

“Hopefully, the patrols will continue.

Dog owner Michael Edwards stressed he always cleaned up his pet’s mess.

He added; “I’ve had a few people shout at me after the stories in the News about the problem.

“I think it needs to be made clear not all dog owners are irresponsible. It’s just a few uncaring people.”

Alan Taylor said he hoped the patrols would focus on the Spa Trail, which he claimed was often littered with dog mess, particularly after the weekend.”

PCSO Nigel Wass told the News that the patrols would continue and urged people to contact ELDC.