Polypipe reveal plans for major expansion in Horncastle

Management and staff at Polypipe in Horncastle celebrate the 40th anniversary - and  exciting news about expansion.
Management and staff at Polypipe in Horncastle celebrate the 40th anniversary - and exciting news about expansion.

Horncastle’s biggest employer is planning a multi-million pound expansion and confirmed it will create more new jobs.

Polypipe already employs 310 staff at the town’s Boston Road Industrial Estate.

Details are still emerging, but it is understood the expansion involves an additional eight-acres.

The announcement coincides with the company’s 40th anniversary in Horncastle.

Polypipe’s Managing Director Steve Durdant-Hollamby revealed a planning application would be submitted shortly.

He said: “This is our flagship site but we are up to capacity in some areas.

“We will be expanding. We are talking to people. A planning application is being finalised.

“I can’t give you any details but it is another multi-million pound investment in Horncastle and will ultimately lead to more jobs.

“It’s got to be good for Horncastle.”

The current site occupies 29 acres, the equivalent of 160,000 sq ft.

Polypipe has invested £28m in the last eight years. That figure includes more than £10m in 2013 alone - £5.1m on a new washing plant and £5.4m on a state-of-the-art corrigator system.

Mr Durdant-Hollamby added: “The latest expansion highlights our commitment to Horncastle.

“This site had an exciting future.”

The expansion was confirmed by Polypipe’s Group Chief Operating Officer Glen Sabin who visited Horncastle last week as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations.

Meanwhile, Mr Durdant-Hollamby stressed the project would go ahead, whatever happens to Brexit.

He admitted the current situation was causing problems and added: “We are quite self contained here but even so, there are some difficulties - project delays and that’s not helping.

“Generally, I think people want a decision - whichever way it goes.

“It’s horrendous trying to plan, and projects can only be delayed for so long.

“In terms of supply, we don’t see any major issue.

“We have our own re-cycling plant at Horncastle which is a huge benefit.

“We do sell to Europe - but it is only four per cent of group turnover.”

The company was set up in Horncastle in 1978 and was known as Norflex.

It had just nine employees, including John Bush who is now Operations Manager at Horncastle.

Polypipe took over Norflex in 1996 and Mr Bush has continued to be the driving force behind the company locally.

He praised Polypipe for supporting the Horncastle site and described the latest investment as ‘fantastic news’.

Town mayor Coun Fiona Martin welcomed the announcement and said Polypipe played a vital role in the local economy.