Police take action to tackle scooter ‘kids’ in Horncastle

Horncastle Market Place - Police say there are no major issues regarding anti social behaviour
Horncastle Market Place - Police say there are no major issues regarding anti social behaviour

Horncastle’s Neighbourhood Policing Team say they have reacted to residents’ complaints about anti-social behaviour in the town’s Market Place.

According to a resident – who does not want to be identified – ‘four kids on scooters’ have been revving their machines and then riding them in an ‘irresponsible way at speed’ around the town centre.

The resident – who also owns a local business – says incidents have taken place in the early evenings, between 7pm and 9pm.

The resident said: “This has to stop, particularly as it is a danger to the public as well as an illegal noise issue.”

Police confirmed they dealt with a rider of a moped last week after a complaints about ASB and a ‘Section 59’ order was issued against the individual concerned.

The order gives police the power to remove anyone committing or participating in ASB in a particular location.

Further action can be taken if the offender causes any more problems in breach of the order.

PCSO Nigel Wass urged members of the public to report any other incidents of ASB but stressed Horncastle was still one of the safest communities in the county.

He said: “We have had one complaint about ASB in the Market Place and we have responded although there have been no major issues.

“If anyone reports an incident of ASB via the 101 system, then we will look into it – as we always do.

“In this instance, it would help us if people could supply any details – perhaps photographs or registration numbers of any of the mopeds involved.”

PCSO Wass went on to stress the Market Place area was part of regular patrols by officers.

He added: “It is important to say reported incidents of anti social behaviour in Horncastle are few and far between, certainly when you compare them with other similar towns.

“If people don’t report incidents, then it is difficult for us to take any action.”

The resident welcomed police action and said the problem appeared to have eased.