Police closing in on suspect after graffiti appears in Horncastle

Graffiti on the wall of the town's library
Graffiti on the wall of the town's library

Horncastle Police say they are closing in on a suspect they believe is responsible for an outbreak of graffiti at various locations in the town.

Police have been studying images from a CCTV camera owned by a business.

The images show two men and officers believe one of the individuals could be responsible.

However, police stressed enquiries were continuing.

The graffiti has appeared in several locations, including the town library, St Mary’s Church, Bain Valley Park and a number of business premises, including Barclays Bank.

It has also appeared on the main bus shelter in the Market Place and in Queen Street.

Police say they believe the same individual is responsible.

PCSO Nigel Wass said: “We are still making enquiries but we have identified a possible suspect from CCTV.”

Despite the graffiti appearing at several different locations, police confirmed they had only received one report about a single incident - and that was from a town business.

PCSO Wass said: “We need more people to come forward and report the incidents otherwise it is difficult for us to give them a high priority.

“People with any information can use the 101 number.”

Police have played down suggestions the graffiti is racially motivated.

The incidents were discussed at a town council meeting last Tuesday.

Councillors described the graffiti as ‘mindless’ and admitted they were concerned the offences had apparently not been recorded by the town’s own recently up-dated CCTV system.