Plans to solve parking ‘hot spots’ in Horncastle are being lined up

Is extending restrictions the answer to parking issues in West Street?
Is extending restrictions the answer to parking issues in West Street?

Some of Horncastle’s notorious parking ‘hot spots’ are being targeted in county council plans to change existing regulations.

The News can reveal the authority plans to alter the double yellow lines in Prospect Street, West Street, Bowl Alley Lane, Stanhope Road, Langton Hill and Foundry Street.

The current lines will be extended in all of the locations, except Foundry Street where they will be reduced to increase parking places for residents.

Details were confirmed by county councillor Bill Aron at a meeting of the town council earlier this month.

Many of the streets included in are the subject of long-standing complaints about parking and access issues.

Town councillors welcomed the proposals but said they hoped the county council would engage in a comprehensive consultation process, including giving residents a chance to comment.

Coun Alan Lockwood said: “I live in West Street and will be very interested to see exactly what is being proposed.

“There are issues with parking (in West Street) but I hope the proposals don’t stop people parking outside their own homes.

“As I’m sure you are aware, there is no off-street parking and if the number of places is reduced, it could lead to problems.

“I would like to ask Coun Aron if residents in all the locations will be consulted ?”

Coun Aron said he had ‘only ‘just heard’ about the plans but said he would check with highways officials to see what the situation was.

Coun Aron added he was certain the authority would contact the town council .

He said: “There will be a consultation process but I’m not sure what the timescale is.

”I have only just received the information.

“I think the plan will be to talk to the town council by the end of the month.

“I know councillors will want to see all the proposals.

“The procedure is fairly comprehensive. The police, fire and East Lindsey will be consulted but I’m not so sure about residents.”

Several councillors suggested inviting a highways officer to the next town council meeting, so residents would have an opportunity to ask questions.

However, there were concerns the limited timescale could prevent that happening.

Coun Aron admitted there were ‘one or two’ locations on the list that people had been ‘asking about’ for a long time.

There have, for example, been calls for changes on Bowl Alley Lane, particularly at the start and finish of the school day.

Councillors have previously called for tougher action to enforce existing regulations on Bowl Alley Lane.

Residents have expressed concerns less parking will lead to issues in other nearby streets – notably Louth Road as parents look for alternatives to drop off and pick up pupils from the town’s primary school.

Foundry Street has been another ‘headache’. The actual road is ‘residents access only’ but many property owners claim they cannot park outside their homes because spaces are used by other people.

There are concerns that an £8.2m scheme for a new hub and college of further education in nearby Mareham Road will add to current issues in Foundry Street.