Phew! There’s a right old stink around Horncastle....

Bad smells in Horncastle EMN-160815-135958001
Bad smells in Horncastle EMN-160815-135958001

Forget about the sweet smell of success....residents in Horncastle are being driven indoors by the overpowering pong of pooh!

Several people contacted the News to complain about a ‘disgusting smell’ in many areas of the town.

They say the stink wrecked weekend barbecues, meant windows had to be shut and scuppered any chance of sitting out in the garden.

Some residents suggested a chicken farm could be responsible but, according to East Lindsey District Council, it appears the problem stems from a local farmer.

Bob Powis, who lives in Accommodation Road, was one of many people who complained.

He said: “It was disgusting, awful - it spoiled what should have been a nice weekend.

“A lot of other people were complaining.

“You couldn’t sit out in the garden. It was a case of stopping indoors and keeping the windows shut.”

Mr Powis said it was unclear what - or who - was responsible for the smell.

He said: “It has been a problem before but it was really bad at the weekend. I’m told it always happens at this time of year.

“People were saying it was a farmer but to me the smell was more acrid-acid a chicken farm.

“Someone suggested the smell was from lorries carrying the chicken pooh. All I can say is there must have been a lot of lorries!”

Paul Andrews said his family barbecue was abandoned as guests were forced indoors.

He said: “The smell was horrible and everyone was complaining.

“You do get smells living close to open fields but nothing as bad as this.

“It was all weekend. It’s definitely something being put on the fields.”

Natalie Downer contacted the News by email to say: “Have they opened a new sewage works in town?

“The smell is dreadful. It’s as if someone has dropped a big stink bomb.

“The warm windy weather probably didn’t help.”

Adam Taylor added: “It was really bad. It’s not funny - or pleasant.
We had to sit inside and look at the sunshine.

“The windows were shut and it (the smell) lasted all weekend.

“Even our dog turned his nose up at it!”

Several residents said they had complained to ELDC and Lincolnshire County Council.