Oh Carol... you’re an inspiration to us all!

Carol Gilbert picturd before.
Carol Gilbert picturd before.

In need of inspiration to lose weight after a ‘festive splurge’? Look no further than Carol Gilbert.

The 74-year-old has transformed her life - and her health - after losing an amazing 7st 7lbs.

Carol Gilbert after losing seven-and-a-half stone. EMN-181219-155128001

Carol Gilbert after losing seven-and-a-half stone. EMN-181219-155128001

Carol has dropped from a dress size 26 to 14 - and lost 14 inches from her waist.

She says even her shoe size has ‘gone down.’

Carol lost the weight as a member of the Tattershall Wednesday Slimming World group.

When Carol joined, she had various health issues which she admits were caused by being overweight.

Those issues included ridiculously high blood pressure, breathing difficulties and joint problems - meaning a walking stick was an essential accessory and stairs were out of the question.

A hip operation was on the cards, lymphoedema of the legs and feet made wearing smart shoes impossible, while digestive tract issues caused piles and other problems.

These have all been resolved by losing weight.

Simple things like walking without a stick and climbing stairs were impossible, but are not difficult now.

Step ladders are no longer a ‘no-no’ and Carol admits regaining total health and normal vision has been a massive plus.

Doctors and consultants are all delighted with the transformation.

There were several different specialists involved in her welfare.

They have ‘signed her off’ and she is no longer in need of specialist care.

Carol said: “For me, joining a slimming group was quite a nerve-wracking decision yet I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

“The final straw for me was waking up one morning and being unable to see anything except light and dark and then later two of everything, a stark reminder that it was ‘do something now or you are going to die’.

Apart from boosting her health, Carol has also been able to enjoy the festive party season.

He weight loss means she felt confident enough to wear outfits that she ‘couldn’t or wouldn’t have’ 12 months ago.

To celebrate her stunning success, she was voted as the group’s ‘Miss Slinky 2018’ after her fellow members were wowed by her achievements.

Jenny Laird, who runs the group, said: “Carol is a deserved winner of the title.

“I’ve no doubt that she’ll inspire other people to lose weight and show whether you’ve got a little or a lot of weight to lose, slimming down can make a big difference to how you feel about yourself and really boost your confidence.

“Carol is happier, healthier and fitter. Every week the group love hearing about her progress, especially about her health improvements.”

Carol is full of praise for the support she has received.

She added: “Being voted for by the other members of the group is really great because it’s thanks to them and their support – and our consultant Jenny – that I’ve stayed committed to losing weight.

Slimming World’s annual Miss Slinky competition recognises members who have transformed both ‘inside and out.

The national winner will win a £2,000 cash price.

Consultant Jenny added: “Christmas is a time of year for getting dressed up and having a good time.

“However, I know a lot of my members have told me they’d often dread it because they felt uncomfortable and out of place at parties 
which is just so sad.

“This year, I know Carol will feel completely different.

“Her biggest fan is her husband and he let slip that Santa Claus may have a slinky new evening dress in his sack this year!”

•The group meets at Tattershall Village Hall every Wednesday at 10am.

For information call 07799 737304 or email jennylaird.slimmingworld@gmail.com