No ‘easy answer’ to school parking issue in Horncastle

Parking problems in Bowl Alley Lane. Photo: Supplied.
Parking problems in Bowl Alley Lane. Photo: Supplied.

Highways chiefs at Lincolnshire County Council have admitted there are ‘no easy answers’ to on-going parking and safety concerns in Bowl Alley Lane, Horncastle.

There have been calls for an ‘action plan’ to prevent what residents have termed as ‘parking chaos’ at the start and finish of the school day.

Bowl Alley Lane is ‘home’ to two town schools - Horncastle Primary and St Lawrence.

Some restrictions are already in place but some people want more yellow lines - and more patrols by wardens.

Town council vice chairman David Roark has claimed one of the effects of introducing restrictions on Bowl Alley Lane has made life a misery for homeowners on the nearby Tudor Park estate.

He says vehicles belonging to staff and other school users are creating access issues on the estate - and even blocking private driveways.

Coun Richard Davies, Executive Councillor for Highways at County Hall, says he understands all the concerns.

Speaking at a town council meeting earlier this month Coun Davies said: “We will continue to monitor the situation but there are no easy answers.

“We are aware of the issues on Tudor Park but that happens if you live near a school - it’s not just in Horncastle.

“If we introduced more restrictions outside the schools, we would just move the problem on elsewhere. There would be more vehicles on Tudor Park.”

Coun Davies said he hoped talks between the schools, police and the council would continue.

He suggested wardens should carry out more patrols and said ‘a few tickets’ were often the ‘biggest deterrent’ to any issues.