‘Nightmare’ on Boston Road is worse than ever

The waiting game: Residents claim queues on the A153 (Boston Road) often stretch back to the Industrial Estate
The waiting game: Residents claim queues on the A153 (Boston Road) often stretch back to the Industrial Estate

Residents in Horncastle say they are resigned to a summer of nightmare delays on Boston Road - and claim they will continue until a by-pass is built.

The News was inundated with complaints earlier this month with people saying they were adamant jams on Boston Road were worse then ever.

They pointed the finger of blame at traffic lights which control the junction of Boston Road with the A158 - the main route to the coast.

Paul Taylor was one of several residents who claimed the sequence of the lights had been altered - in favour of the A158 leading to delays on Boston Road stretching back to the town’s industrial estate.

The County Council pointed out the lights are controlled by sensors but added the sheer volume of traffic - it’s the third busiest junction in the county - was at the root of the problems.

Now, other residents have contacted the News to voice their frustrations, many of them via Facebook.

E Battistuta Battista said: “I’m not sure what’s happened in the last five years, whether its volume of traffic or the lighst are on different times but its so much worse than it was - constant big queues.”

Tony Baker added: “I live on Boston Road and trying to get our car out of our driveway can be a real problem.

“The traffic is either bumper to bumper at peak times, or off peak drivers are driving far too fast - well over 30mph.

“There has been two very serious accidents across the road from us,

“Luckily, nobody was hurt but it could have been very different.”

Stewart Garner-Jones said: “It’s been the same for years” while Wendy Saunders added: “It’s a nightmare trying to turn right out of The Wong in the mornings. You can’t see traffic coming from the left and you take your life in your hands trying to edge out.

Julie Griffiths stressed: “I’m stuck in it every morning, it’s a nightmare.”

Ian McIntosh added: “A by-pass is the only answer but we’ve been waiting years and I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. They delays are worse - even coming into town from Louth Road. The queues are horrendous.”

The County Council is considering a by-pass but there is no timescale - and no commitment to funding.