New home for Wragby substation

Wragby News EMN-170730-122502001
Wragby News EMN-170730-122502001

Seven parish councillors and 13 members of the public attended the recent parish council meeting, where they were joined by two representatives from Western Power.

The representatives had been invited by council chairman Julie Thacker to give a presentation describing their plans to replace the redundant sub station in Church Street.

The new site chosen, on the corner at the entrance to Cemetery Lane, met with strong objections from the members of the public present, who suggested there were other much more suitable sites.

It was stressed a new sub station was essential as the old one was outdated and a replacement would give the opportunity of upgrading the supply, helping to provide a more efficient service when there were any breakdowns.

The officers also stressed they had investigated other sites and none that were available were suitable, due to tree preservation orders or not fitting in with County Highways’ regulations.

After a two-year search, they concluded the Old Telephone Exchange in Silver Street, which was well hidden from view and had been previously suggested as a suitable alternative, had not been considered.

Members of the public felt the chosen site was dangerous and would also be an eyesore for nearby residents.

The officers said they would look at this with the residents’ objections in mind.