Natural healer Helen from Baumber offers to treat your poorly pets in Ruskington with the power of her touch

Whether it be a dog with a stiff back or a depressed, a ‘natural healer’ new to the Sleaford area is offering her own non-invasive, form of therapy.

Helen Hilliard has been offering her ‘healing’ services to clients and their pets for the last 16 years since getting into it at her former home in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Helen Hilliard at work treating Sid and his aching back. EMN-160726-002401001

Helen Hilliard at work treating Sid and his aching back. EMN-160726-002401001

Recently moving to Baumber, near Horncastle, she has hooked up with Foxhall Vets in Ruskington who were receptive to alternative treatment to traditional medicine. But Helen, 53, explains she is not looking to compete with conventional medicine, rather to work hand in hand.

She said: “An animal needs to have seen a vet before they see me because it helps to know what they have been through and what doesn’t work, but it is sometimes harder if I am the last resort.”

Describing herself as a ‘spooky child’, she says she was a medium, eventually discovering her neighbour was a ‘healer’ and that she had the gift too,

Her treatment involves no needles, massage, drugs or manipulation. Helen runs her hands over the animal’s body, channeling ‘natural energy’. She said: “I like to think it is the energy of the natural world. I put more energy into the patient to help them heal themselves. The energy bounces back and I can usually feel where the tendon and muscle strains are, the broken bones and emotional problems.”

Helen said animals respond incredibly and estimated her success rate at around 70 per cent. She has helped a sluggish goldfish and even treated a polecat with cancer with its teeth clamped on her finger.

She said: “It is about being in the right frame of mind. Mind over matter plays a huge part in us feeling better, but an animal has no idea what you are doing, they tell you the truth.”

To find out more visit or contact Foxhall Veterinary Clinic on 01526 833555.