More homes would ruin villages - claim

Woodhall Spa.
Woodhall Spa.

Residents in Woodhall Spa, Coningsby and Tattershall have raised concerns about the number of homes that could be built in their villages.

The News last week revealed details of East Lindsey’s long-awaited Local Plan which sets out all policies for growth and development in the region up to the year 2031.

One of the key elements is the allocation of housing numbers for specific communities.

Woodhall Spa has been allocated a minimum number of 312 homes and the combined villages of Coningsby and Tattershall 417.

Mareham le Fen (113) and Wragby (32) are also included in the list.

Horncastle, though, has not been allocated any new homes - because of the number of properties that have already received planning permission. The last count for the town was around 880.

Stewart Hales, who lives in Woodhall Spa, said: “We’ve already enough new homes here.

“What is East Lindsey trying to do? Spoil our village?

“The facilities can’t cope. Schools are full, and so are the doctors and dentists.

“The bus service is virtually nonexistent and now we can look forward to even more homes.”

Alison Johnson added: “I seem to recall one application for Woodhall was recently refused because there were no school places.

“We’ve seen what developers have done to a number of lovely trees alongside Witham Road.

“Now, we could get three hundred more homes and ~I understand that’s a minimum number.

“Surely, there are better places to build.”

Martin Kemp, who lives in Coningsby, said the number of new homes in the village was already causing problems.

He said: “They’ve already built enough. The drains can’t cope and the roads are gridlocked when the RAF base turns out.

“If they build all these homes, where are people going to work?”

Liam Jennings added: “Surely, it would make sense to build more homes in towns like Horncastle. Shops are crying out for more customers. New homes would also help pay for a bypass.”